Software Management Solutions for ISV’s

According to recent industry research, experts estimate that software pirates and hackers steal $35 billion worth of software each year. Securing and managing source code has become vital, a matter of survival for software producers. Knowledgeable software customers are demanding new and innovative packaging and licensing models to allow them purchase exactly what they want, when they want it, and use it how they want to. For the Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) software management solutions are vital in order to control and manage the demands of their customers as well as protect their software from pirates and hackers.The three major points involved in software management solutions are: Software Licensing, software protection and software packaging.Software LicensingISV’s need flexible licensing solutions that allow for quick creation of new pricing models and product configurations so the ISV’s can target new market segments effectively. They also need license-compliance solutions that ensure software security.Software SecurityEven with electronic licensing in place, many software and hardware companies continue to lose product revenues due to piracy and hackers. However, there are licenses that allow companies to recapture this revenue with tamper-resistant and trusted storage technologies—a set of powerful options that guard against unauthorized access or usage.Software PackagingSpecific licenses for trial versions also exist, enabling software to be immediately placed in the hands of prospective customers. The specialized license protects evaluation copies from hacking and reverse engineering, as it packages the evaluation copy into a code-less file – ensuring that all IP is safe from theft.Pay-Per-Use restrictions may be set per feature, for example the number of documents to be processed, in order to price certain segments of the application according to ongoing use. Once installed and used, the user may apply for a refill of the feature “cartridge” or alternatively pay periodically based on the actual use of the specific licensed feature.Pay-Per-Time restrictions enable the ISV to limit the time which the application or a specific feature can be used. Settings can be applied in advance per time quota or per actual usage.In today’s market, ISV’s need to apply complete software management solutions goes beyond tailoring software to customer-specific needs. Therefore, today’s vendors seek a complete software management solution that will cover the three major aspects of software security, software licensing and software packaging. As the software business grows more complex, real-time sales figures and usage data needs to flow uniformly, enabling decision makers to rapidly adapt in a dynamic market.For more information on software management solutions for ISV’s visit []

The Value of All Inclusive Resort Travel and Vacation Packages

The industry of tourism has inspired the growth of many all inclusive resorts that completely changed the way people plan for their vacation. These resorts ensure that every visitor is able to fully enjoy their vacation with the many amenities and activities that are readily available whatever their fancy may be. The cost of all inclusive resort travel may be more expensive than regular packages. However, it helps the vacationer plan and schedule the trip without having to worry about contacting different agents and resorts for airfare, accommodations, transportation, tours, spa, water sports, and many more. Always remember that the food and lodging are usually the most costly part of a vacation without the all inclusive offers of resorts.In today’s economy you will find that the best all-inclusive deals may be from companies that have travel membership clubs. Resorts and attractions which are having a difficult time filling their facilities due to the poor economy are very motivated to provide these organizations exceptionally discounted pricing knowing they have hundreds and sometimes thousands of members in order to ensure themselves of a higher occupancy rate.If a vacationer would want to bring the whole family on vacation, there should be ample activities for every member of the family. All inclusive resorts offer fun filled activities and a family friendly atmosphere for kids, while older children get to explore their adventurous side with sports and amenities that allows them to become active and mingle with other teens. With all these activities keeping the kids busy, the older members of the family can find time to relax and unwind with a massage or tour around the area. All inclusive resort travels also provide great value for honeymooners with special packages offered that would give them the privacy that they need. There are also exciting activities and tours that they could join to make the most of their honeymoon.In choosing the right resort to book for your next vacation, you can check out the packages being offered. The kind of resort should also be considered since there are places that would suit couples, families, or singles best. The best values offered by these all inclusive resorts are those that provide the airfare, hotel accommodations, and meals because there are those that do not include the transportation. Depending on your main agenda, you may opt for packages that provide city tours. However, not everyone would want to travel and tour around on their vacation, as they opt for a quiet and serene vacation away from people and busy life.The best advantage that vacationers can get from all inclusive resort travels is being able to pay for a price that covers everything that you need all throughout the vacation. This frees an individual from worrying about having enough local currency at hand for the expenses that need to be addressed. The packages offered by these resorts suit families with young children and couples alike. It also makes perfect gifts for newly weds, for birthdays, or other special events because the recipient would not need to worry about other expenditures during their vacation.

Are Payday Loans Becoming A Way Of Life?

What’s going on with the payday loans industry? There are 12 million adults in the United States alone each year who are taking out at least one payday loan. This fact says a whole lot since the average user will take out at least eight loans throughout the course of a year. These loan amounts are calculated to be around $375 on average which would mean $520 would be paid on interest, if paid on time. Many borrowers end up keeping loans out for more than just a few weeks, in fact the average time a loan is out is for five months. This drives the interest amount even higher.What are people using these short-term loans for? It seems that the average user is using payday loans to keep up with ordinary living expenses. Unexpected emergencies are not used as often, but then again, emergencies do not happen everyday. Living beyond one’s means continues to keep people in debt. Cutting back on expenses is not the priority of many users unless direct payday loans lenders become unavailable. getting help from friends or family, put off paying bills or even sell possessions still seem like a better solution to many than cutting back on monthly expenses. The states which have strong regulations do not see their residents reaching out to other sources as much and the lenders have seen sharp declines in loans for people living in those states.There is something positive to be said about state payday loans regulations. The goals of the government was to protect their residents from becoming trapped into a debt cycle. The debt will just be from something else. People struggle with finances in all states. maybe in these strict payday lending states there is a rise in credit card debt or use of car title loans or pawn shops. Since there are some banks and credit unions who now do their version of payday loans which do not follow the regulations, those may be sources which technically fall into another category. High priced short term loans are still the There are no states boasting improved credit scores caused from the strict payday loan regulations, the residents must be finding some avenue for financial help.The simplicity of cutting back and restricting personal spending seems so out of date when keeping up with the Joneses is a lifestyle too many are unwilling to break free from. Advertising is cunning and we find ourselves needing items which are only wants. Latest versions of electronics, car upgrades, cell phones and travels are more than double dippers into bank accounts.Is it payday loans which have become a way of life by signing on for one then falling into a trapped cycle? Or is it one avenue gone wrong for so many trying to keep up a lifestyle beyond their means? Cash advance loans are not geared to live on, but to be used to get out of an immediate financial crisis. The high risk loans are not affordable when the loan is a larger portion of next week’s paycheck. Whether the short-term loan is coming from a payday lender or your local bank, the high interest will still cause trouble for your finances if you do not pay it off at the end of the term.