The 5 W’s of Management – What, Where, When, Why and Who

Management is a common term and is widely used. It is essential in any type of organization.Management is basically ensuring combining efforts of available resources towards required objectives/ goals/targets.Management is an activity of purpose. It is a process and not an event or happening.Management primarily needs to create an enabling situation. Required things or results need to be made to happen. Management cannot wait for things or results to happen. It cannot give reasons or situations that prevented required results from happening. In fact, good management is one which foresees all possible constraints and plans strategic actions to work around them to achieve targeted objectives. Therefore, good management has to be efficient and also effective. Efficiency means doing a task the right way at economic costs within available resources. Effectiveness means doing the right things.Management depending on situations and individuals can be a Process, Activity, Discipline, Group, Science, Art or Profession and explained below:”Management is a process that defines a sequence for a set of planned activities to utilise available resources optimally, effectively and economically to achieve required results at the right time”. Management can be a social process since it primarily deals with humans in getting them to plan, organize and perform activities that produce required results in a timely manner. It is also an integrating process since it integrates various resources like humans, financial, machinery, equipments and materials to produce required end result. Finally, Management is a continuous process and goes on in search of newer targets/objectives and results when current ones are achieved. Management cannot be said to be over but goes on and that’s why is precisely defined as a process.As an activity, management can be informational, decision-making or inter-personal. Management can never be done without flow of information between involved resources. Once information flows decision has to be taken otherwise nothing moves forward toward completion. Lastly, good management is characterised by good person-management skills that gets everyone involved, motivated yet willing to give one’s best happily.As a discipline, management pertains to study of principles & practices of basic administration. It specifies methods for its practitioners to manage any type of organization. Management is formally taught leading to diploma/degree/masters globally in institutes and universities enhancing a person competency and thereby one’s employability at higher levels of responsibility.Eminent research scholars, thinkers and academicians continually further the discipline of Management. This is then wide-spread through the various institutes that teach various management programmes to students who are selected through rigorous selection procedures.There are family owned businesses that have the family members at the helm and qualify as Patrimonial or Family Manager. Those with formal qualification in Management are known as Professional Managers. Heads of political parties and government-owned enterprises/corporations/undertakings are Political Managers.Management is accepted as both, an art and a science. Management has well researched and documented knowledge and has proven examples to confirm its applicability to day-to-day life and hence is undoubtedly a science. Not everyone can be a successful and authentic manager. Few individuals have that skill, finesse, adequate knowledge and a personal style that makes management an art.Management practitioners are usually categorised in to Top level, Middle level and Front line Managers globally across organizations. Top level Management usually frames the objectives, policies, strategies and directs others towards achievement. Middle level executes the top level’s plans and directives whereas front line managers actually get the job done.Objectives of Management are generally regarded as optimising results, efficiency and rewards. Improving of human life and social living standards and making everyone goal and achievement oriented.Management functions, as defined by KOONTZ and O’DONNEL are widely accepted and are considered as Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.Another globally accepted management fundamental are the 14 Principles of Management defined by Frenchman Henri Fayol. The important ones amongst them are Division of Labor, Principle of One Boss, Unity of Direction, Equity, Order, Discipline, Initiative, Fair Remuneration, Stability of Tenure and Sub-Ordination of Individual Interest to General Interest.Why Is Management Important?Organisations globally need team work to achieve goals. In 2015 management positions are projected to increase by 5-9% at the global level.Effective practice of Management helps individuals at personal, professional and social levels to:1. Accomplish goals2. Be more efficient3. Manage time better4. Take informed and right decisions5. Increase earning potential6. Increase success and happiness levelsEffective, efficient, ethical and continuous practice of Management always holds individuals and organisations in good stead creating prosperity, satisfaction and productive use of time at economic scales. Add to this continual up-gradation of one’s knowledge and one has a sure-shot recipe for success.

Spa Therapy for Rejuvenation and Well Being

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Give the Mind, Body, and Spirit Freedom – Let Go of Your Negative Tendencies

There is a certain way of thinking that we fall back into in regards to many subjects. Though there may be similarities, each individual entertains his or her own set of thought worlds which prevent or limit us in experiencing the things we desire. They are like galaxies of thoughts. When we are caught up in a certain train of thought we are perpetuating certain realities. Millions of thoughts about baseball or relationships or sex or the idea of lack for example, make up these worlds of thoughts for you. Form is first thought, nothing exists without having first been thought.Someone with hundreds of millions of thoughts about baseball is far more attached to baseball than say someone who knows about baseball but pays very little attention to it and can’t hold much of a conversation about it. The idea a man on the moon by the end of the decade as spoken by John F Kennedy attracted worlds of thoughts eventually materializing into what was necessary to make it appear in physical reality.Each person creates their unique interests in worlds of thoughts and when these worlds are thought about a world of thoughts come to life. Everything is a thought before it has manifested in to the appearance of form. Your first thought of going to Hawaii for a vacation is real. The instant you create it, it exists. It has as little form as can be, but the more form you give to it and learn the many ways you can increase and magnify those thoughts you advance the materialization of it into reality.But then there are worlds of thought which manifest worlds of the absence of what you want. Crazy perhaps but that’s what we do because we do not realizes how worlds are created. The mind body spirit is a condition which thrives in the absolute freedom to deliberately choose to think upon as it wishes.This might be a world of thoughts feeding life to the subtle quiet voice in the background saying ‘she’ll never want me’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’ or ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’ll never have the breakthrough I’m looking for’. The longer you try getting something you want to happen, but also build the thought world around it saying it’s not going to happen, you deny yourself of what you want. Whether you are a golfer, a salesman or simply looking for a date, it’s all the same creation process.Before thoughts attract enough of the likeness of other thoughts, it is energy first. And before energy it is intention. Realize that the words you are reading or the ones we use to speak with one another are simply pointers. It never contains the most pure energy thoughts because it is never being spoken nor listened for on the other side. But for now, it is pretty much all we’ve got. Movies, plays, music, art, poetry are often far better communicating means but far from a universal common language. Words only assist us in pointing to was emotions we are feeling. They are simple labels we use to describe something. And I am using words in an attempt to get new ideas across. It will take a great willingness on your part to consider such ideas, or not.When you are ‘wanting’ to experience serenity or love, it is the feeling you are really asking for. And backing up one step, is the ‘knowing’ of that experience. When you are ‘knowing’ the experience of being loved, or feeling at peace, you are experiencing it, you feel it. When you know precisely what you want and upon that you give your absolute of focus, you activate that world, you bring it alive. You are not questioning whether or not you are feeling it, you simply are.If you have a tendency to believe ‘you can’t’ have something you want, that belief or a world of billions of thoughts is all you need to give up. It is a world in contrast to the world you desire. They can not both live in the same place at the same time, the dominant world will prevail. Your choice rules the day. The worlds you desire already exists for you, you have spent much time creating them. If you ponder on what has been covered thus far, and see what thought worlds you have grown, you will discover that you only need to give up the generally unexamined way of thinking you are. To think that the background thought, ‘you can not have this or that’, has no effect on what is showing up or not showing up in your life, in this day and age is naive.When you notice one of your patterns of usual thought worlds such as, ‘this is never going to happen’ or ‘it’s going to turn out like it always does’, etc., deliberately be the master of this automatic tendency. What you have imagined and put together in worlds of millions of thoughts, sits there waiting, you must only relax and allow. Shout out at that denying train of thought ‘I shall have no more of you’ and feed it no more attention. Deliberately keep reaching for the feelings of the worlds you have already created. Keep acknowledging that your worlds are blossoming more every day.In the beginning of this learning process or coming aware process, do as much as you can to live in happiness and joy. This is a cleansing condition of freedom and no resistance. 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